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First-rate innovative, accessible and sustainable education



Intensive programs at every level

Freie Universität Berlin's Global Campus delivers innovative, short-term, academic programs for international students at every level. Whether participating on-site or online, students can expect cutting-edge curricula, a focus on sustainable impact, intercultural learning journeys, and cultural programs.

In accordance with our vision and values, enrollment is open to participants of all personal and academic backgrounds.

These pages chiefly address offerings for undergraduate students, graduate students, and individuals interested in German language classes, preparatory courses and, of course, continuing education. Anyone whose curiosity is piqued is welcome to join!

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What you can expect

  • Participation in our programs
    ... promotes personal development as well as intercultural understanding, empowering students to tackle the urgent problems of our time and to shape their journey through them.
  • Quality
    Students receive an education through academically rigorous programs with decades of experience, all inside of a German University of Excellence.
  • Flexibility
    Students can choose a suitable level, type, and time of study. Our services in the fields of accommodation, insurance, visas, and more ensure that prospective studies become a satisfying and stress-free reality [upon request].
  • Professionalism
    We love what we do. What we do, we do excellently. By unifying many of the Freie Universität’s international short-term study programs, we are able to offer students and partner universities the best service and care.


Tailor-made offerings: Larger groups may request on demand offerings from the FUBiS and FU-BEST programs. These are designed for groups interested in a program beyond the regular dates and/or course offerings. Each program tailors its time frame and topics to the group’s needs and can be supplemented with an exclusive excursion schedule of their choice. If desired, FUBiS and FU-BEST can also arrange accommodation.

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 Please note:

This website contains information on short-term study options tailored especially for international students.
To learn more about the Freie Universität Berlin's regular study programs please visit www.fu-berlin.de/studium.