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Continuing education with Freie Universität Berlin certificate courses

Continuing education

Continuing education



We aim to equip you with up-to-date skills and knowledge to tackle the pressing questions of today’s professional world so you can make a difference in all of your working relations.

Freie Universität Berlin ContinuEd provides you with easy-access, high-quality, flexible and affordable learning courses that furnish you with skills and knowledge relevant to any workplace today.

The 9-week online certificate courses are designed for learners at all stages of their career path – young professionals, graduates, postgraduates, experienced professionals, advanced students, or retired professionals – enabling you to further qualify yourself with the maximum possible flexibility in your own timing.

Add a certificate to your competence profile from one of the most renowned German universities and get a sound introduction to topics like diversity, intercultural communication, sustainability, and many more.

Our courses will enhance your personal education and professional self-confidence as well as your CV.

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For more information on course contents, dates, and fees, visit the Freie Universität Berlin ContinuEd website.